Audit of financial service providers, financial institutions and commercial banks

In recent years, the financial services industry has had to contend more than almost any other industry with numerous changes in the law and regulatory requirements, particularly by the financial market Directive (MiFID).
As owner or General Manager of a financial service institution, for example in the field of asset management, investment and acquisition brokerage or as small or medium-sized commercial bank certainly you have better things to do than to sit down with all the legal changes to the last detail apart. That is why we take care about those issues.
Since we have been auditing this kind of business for more than 15 years, we offer you a comprehensive understanding of this industry including excellent knowledge of the associated regulatory framework.

We offer support and solutions for issues such as

  • Application for a license to provide financial services
  • Conceptual design, implementation and optimization of compliance structures
  • Adoption of monitoring functions as auditors or compliance office
  • Advice on structural considerations of regulatory impact

and we offer the following audits:

  1. Annual audits of companies in the financial sector, taking into account the sector-specific legislation by the German Commercial Code, the Banking Act and the RechKredV
  2. Audits of the securities services business in accordance with § 36 WpHG
  3. Audits according to § 34 f GewO and § 24 FinVermV