Interim Management

We support you on a temporary basis for bridging vacancies by human failures, terminations and diseases or as a crisis manager after the discovery of irregularities or errors. We support you  in preparing for the upcoming annual audit, the establishment of a (new) accounting, a professional reporting system or an effective controlling, in bringing together financial fields after a merger during  restructurings/ reorganizations or during the liquidation of your business.

We are usually engaged for three to eighteen months full or part-time and also can use our wide-rich network of partners.

If you want to dry up a swamp you may not engage the frogs for.

Mark Twain (1835-1910)

We are also engaged for project work, in case own capacities are insufficient or special knowledge is not available and the company does not want to hold up these capacities for long.
Such special topics such as the introduction of an international reporting, of transfer pricing models or on a cost accounting. A size limit on corporations, SMEs or start-ups is not given. Even in privately run SMEs we have been successful for 15 years – e.g.:

  • Support at vacancies
  • Use as a crisis manager
  • Liquidation