Company & Business Law

From nonincorporated firms to corporations

The activities in company law are highly manifold; we provide extensive advice in the laws of nonincorporated firms as well as in the laws of corporations. Starting with the choice of the adequate legal form we will also advise and support you in the preparation of respective company agreements and the coordination of all necessary steps with the notary. We will act for you both in disputes among the shareholders and the execution of shareholders’ meetings. Further, we will formulate shareholders’ resolutions as well as contracts between the parent company and the affiliate.

We will advise you on the managing director’s liability you are subject to and support you in the daily upcoming legal pitfalls during management. We will particularly act for you concerning:

  • Foundation of a company
  • Managing director’s service agreement
  • Power of procuration, commercial power of attorney
  • Shareholders’ resolutions
  • Support in the execution of shareholders’ meetings
  • Purchase and sale of shares or of a company
  • Appeal against shareholders’ resolutions
  • Articles of association, amendments to the articles of association
  • Capital increase
  • Duties under fiscal law
  • Liability of managing directors
  • Appointment and revocation of managing directors
  • Managing directors’ by-laws
  • Letters of intent
  • Letters of subordination
  • Operation of an external legal department
  • Rights and duties as employer