Consulting for Managing Directors

Do you know your rights and duties as Managing Director?
As Managing Director of a limited liability company you are subject to numerous rights and duties. Thus you should know both your authorization and your liability that may extend up to a personal liability with your private assets.
To be able to focus on your core competence and the success of the business, we will support you in all important legal issues that have to be considered by a Managing Director to fulfill his or her duty of care.   We will support you particularly in:

  • Managing director’s service agreement
  • Compensation
  • Bonus, royalty, profit sharing
  • Extent of the power of representation
  • Fiduciary duty
  • Noncompetition clause
  • Company car
  • Obligation to contribute to social insurance
  • Responsibilities under fiscal law
  • Monitoring of the financial situation
  • Convocation and execution of shareholders’ meetings
  • Duty of disclosure and duty to inform
  • Risks of liability (towards the company, towards third parties like social insurance agencies, in case of insolvency, etc.)
  • Corporate crisis
  • Revocation, dismissal
  • Severance payment