The goal of the advice we offer is to provide you not only with support by means of short-, medium- and long-term solutions we also want to contribute our part to your success.

To do so, we must analyze complex situations, recognize and interpret contexts and connections and develop solutions that will in all probability lead to the best possible results.

Knowledge and experience is the basis of our work, thinking and commitment is our principle, and thinking ahead – and further ahead – developing a strategy for your – is what we endeavour to do. The size of AB is our concept: It ensures short ways, fast reactions, a maximum of flexibility and tailor-made creative, practical solutions.

We keep our specialized knowledge up to date with professional training and further training. This knowledge and our experience help us to weigh up risks and opportunities, and the critical examination of the solutions found that is a most fundamental part of our conception of ourselves seldom goes ahead without internal discussion.

For us, thinking means thinking in a networked, interdisciplinary, cross-specialization way, taking a critical look behind the facts and taking all of the business, fiscal and legal aspects and interdependencies into consideration. Cross-departmental thinking is “institutionalized” by means of given workflows, discussions and reciprocal checks.

We appreciate intensive discussions with you just as we appreciate cross-departmental debate with our employees and partners. We jointly open up complex issues, jointly draw up our proposals and jointly discuss improvements so that we can find the best solution, the best way for you.

Each of our clients is looked after personally by a partner who is directly responsible for him and manages in-house workflows in a targeted and efficient way. This partner is an expert in his field and is available with his know-how to answer any questions that arise. Our employees with training in economics and law support our partners in their work.

We see ourselves not just as your auditors, advisers and purveyors of ideas but as lateral thinkers who suggest visions – and if need be as “critical brakemen” too who bring others back to the facts and down to earth.