Assurance and Auditing

Assurance and Auditing

Assurance Services

As a medium-sized entrepreneur you expect a flexible, fast and smooth audit process and high efficiency, which saves costs. We can offer you this in all phases of the audit with a small but flexible audit team including a CPA. The coordination of the entire audit is in one hand.

Net profit is an opinion.
Cash is a fact.

Whitney R. Tilson

Auditing and similar services

However, for us auditing is more than checking your bookkeeping and accounting, the accuracy of your information and regulatory compliance, and certainly more than signing the opinion.

Within the scope of an audit we deal intensively with your company, the industry and your business environment and the resulting opportunities and risks. Despite the mostly unloved legal audit obligation, this business process- and risk-based audit approach of your annual audit can help optimize your business processes and your risk management system.