As a medium-sized company, you expect a flexible, fast and smooth audit process as well as efficiency that saves costs. We can offer you this with a small but flexible audit team that includes the auditor in all phases of the audit. The entire audit is coordinated from a single source. Your main contact person makes the necessary decisions quickly and conclusively.

Reported profits are opinions. Cash is a fact.

Whitney R. Tilson

Performance of Audits and Audit-related Services

We take a close look at your company, the industry and your business environment and the resulting opportunities and risks in order to provide you with a different perspective on your company in the course of the audit.

We offer you mandatory audits, such as:
  • Audit of annual financial statements,
  • Audits of financial service providers, financial institutions, leasing companies and commercial banks (also in accordance with KWG, WpIG, WpHG),
  • special audits,
but also
  • voluntary year-end audits,
  • due diligence and
  • liquidations.

Our Services in Detail

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